Unusual Female Names

Extraordinary Girl Names Starting with F

Rare female names starting with F

A list of unique, strong, and extraordinary girl names starting with the letter F (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 15, 2022.



Name meaning: control, guidance.

Years of origin: circa 3rd century BC (as Fabius).

Origin: Roman.

Reference: Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus.

Fabia name variations: Fabialla, Favianna, Fabianna.



Name meaning: divine, goddess.

Origin: Old French.

Earliest mention of the name: circa 12th century.

Historical reference: Faidiva, Countess of Savoy.

Faidiva name variations: Faydiva, Faydide, Faidive.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: faith, complete trust, believe.

Faith name variations: Faithena, Faithenna, Faithe, Fay.



Name meaning: ruler, leader.

First mention: around 9th century (as Flann).

Origin: Irish.

Reference: Flann Sinna, a High King of Ireland.

Fallon name variations: Fallonn, Fallen, Flanny.



Origin: Roman.

Meaning: favorable, auspicious.

History behind: in Roman mythology, Fauna was the goddess of the earth and fertility.

Fauna name variations: Fanna, Faenna, Faunny.



Name meaning: bean or control.

Years of origin: circa 4th century (as Fabiola).

Origin: Roman.

Reference: Fabiola, Roman Saint.

Faviola name variations: Fabia, Fabiola, Favia, Faviolla.



Name meaning: lord, master.

Origin: Spanish.

Felcid name variations: Elcid, Elced, Feilced, Felcidy.



Years of origin: circa 2nd century.

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: fortunate, lucky.

History behind: derived from the Latin word felicitas (translated as luck and fortune).

Note: it is a feminine form of the name Felicius.

Felicity name variations: Felicie, Licia, Felicia.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean girl.

Origin: Polish.

First mention: around 13th century.

Reference: Fenenna, Queen consort of Hungary.

Fenenna name variations: Fenena, Fenanna, Enenna.



Years of origin: circa 5th century BC (as Fiachu).

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: wild.

Reference: Fiachu Tolgrach, High King of Ireland.

Fia name variations: Fiea, Fiammetta, Fiadh.



Origin: Gaelic.

Meaning: fair.

Note: can also be derived from the Irish element meaning vine.

Fiona name variations: Fionna, Fyona, Fione.



Name meaning: fair, honorable.

First mention: circa 6th century BC (as Finn).

Country of origin: Ireland.

Reference: Finn mac Blatha, High King of Ireland.

Finola name variations: Finolla, Finenna, Finna, Nuala, Fionnuala.



Name meaning: golden.

First mention: around 1st century.

Origin: Roman.

Reference: Flavian dynasty, rulers of Roman Empire.

Flavia name variations: Flavinia, Flaviana, Flavie.



Country of origin: France.

Meaning: flower.

Fleur name variations: Flerre, Fleria, Fleurine.



Years of origin: circa 1st century.

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: flourishing, blooming.

History behind: name derived from the Latin florens (translated as flourishing and blooming).

Florence name variations: Florentia, Florance, Florencia.



Years of origin: circa 15th century.

Origin: Italian.

Meaning: from France.

History behind: it is the Italian feminine form of the name Francis.

Francesca name variations: Franca, Franceska, Frances.



Name meaning: peaceful ruler.

First mention: around 8th century.

Origin: Old German.

Frederica name variations: Fredrika, Federica, Frederika.



Name meaning: peaceable, peaceful, secret.

Origin: Old German.

Earliest mention of the name: circa 9th century.

Historical reference: Frederuna, Queen of France.

Frederuna name variations: Frederune, Frederunna, Frederunne.



Origin: Scandinavian.

Meaning: love, beauty.

History behind: in Norse mythology, it was the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death.

Freya name variations: Freia, Freien, Freja.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old German.

Meaning: peaceful.

History behind: derived from the Germanic element frid (translated as peace).

Frida name variations: Friderina, Freda, Fridrina, Frieda.


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