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Extraordinary Girl Names Starting with R

Old Female Names Starting with R

A list of unique, exotic, and extraordinary girl names starting with the letter R.

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old German.

Meaning: wise protector.

Ramona name variations: Ramonia, Raymona, Ramonna.



Name meaning: theft or sea.

Origin: Old Norse.

Years of origin: circa 13th century.

Ran name variations: Rennen, Rania, Renn, Rann.



Origin: Old English.

Meaning: raven.

Raven name variations: Ravenia, Reven, Ravenna.



Years of origin: circa 1st century.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: good friend.

Raya name variations: Reya, Rayana, Raia.



Years of origin: circa 16th century.

Origin: Scottish.

Meaning: mighty, imperious.

Rayne name variations: Rane, Raine, Raina.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: ground, earth.

Reference: Rhea, goddess in Greek mythology.

Rea name variations: Rhea, Ria, Rheia.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: captivating, to tie.

Reference: Rebecca, wife of Isaac in Hebrew Bible.

Rebecca name variations: Rebeka, Becca, Bekky, Rebekka.



Name meaning: adviser or weak point.

Origin: Old German.

First mention: around 10th century.

Reference: Regelinda, Margravine of Meissen.

Regelinda name variations: Regelinde, Regelindia, Reginlid.



Years of origin: circa 3rd century (as Reine).

Origin: Roman and French.

Meaning: queen.

Reference: Saint Regina, French martyr.

Reina name variations: Raine, Regine, Regina.



Country of origin: France.

Meaning: reborn.

Renee name variations: Rene, Renae, Renata, Rena.



Name meaning: divine queen.

Origin: Welsh.

Reference: Rhiannon, Welsh mythology figure.

Rhiannon name variations: Rihanna, Riana, Riann, Riannon, Rihana.



Years of origin: circa 18th century.

Origin: Welsh.

Meaning: rose.

Rhosyn name variations: Rosin, Rosinia, Rosinn, Roisin.



Name meaning: audacious, valiant, brave, wealthy.

Origin: Old German.

First mention: around 9th century.

Reference: Richilde of Provence, Empress of the Romans.

Richilde name variations: Richeldis, Rychold, Richilda, Rikhilda, Rychelde.



Name meaning: prosperous, wealthy.

Origin: Polish and Icelandic.

First mention: around 12th century.

Reference: Richeza of Poland, Queen of Sweden.

Richeza name variations: Richesa, Rikissa, Rixa, Richiza.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old German.

Meaning: peaceful ruler.

Rieka name variations: Reika, Reiko, Rika.



Origin: American and Old Norse.

Meaning: ruler.

History behind: name derived from the Old Norse rikr (translated as ruler).

Rikki name variations: Rikkia, Erica, Erika, Rikkie.



Origin: Gaelic.

Meaning: queen, royal.

Rinach name variations: Rinache, Rionach, Riona.



Years of origin: circa 13th century (as Margaret).

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: pearl.

Reference: Margaret of Provence, Queen of France.

Rita name variations: Ritta, Marguerite, Margaret, Margot.



Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: equitable, righteous.

Roenna name variations: Rowena, Rovenna, Rovella, Rovelia, Rovenia, Rovelle, Rovelinne, Rovellinne, Rowenna, Roweina.



Name meaning: warlord, army leader.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: around 10th century.

Reference: Rogneda of Polotsk, Princess Consort of Rus.

Rogneda name variations: Ragneda, Rognheda, Ragnheda.



First mention: circa 16th century.

Origin: Old French.

Meaning: gentle, rose garden.

Rosaline name variations: Rosalinia, Rosalie, Roselyn, Rosalee, Rosalyn.



Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Origin: Latin.

Meaning: rose of the world.

Reference: Rosamund, Lombard queen.

History behind: name derived from Latin phrase rosa mundi (translated as rose of the world).

Rosamund name variations: Rosemund, Rosamond, Rozamund, Rosamunde.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Latin.

Meaning: sea.

History behind: name derived from Latin word marinus (translated as sea).

Rosemary name variations: Rozemary, Rozmery, Rozmary, Rosemarie, Rosamary.



First mention: circa 19th century.

Origin: French.

Meaning: red, reddish.

Roux name variations: Rouxa, Rouz, Routt.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: rosa.

Rozalia name variations: Rosalie, Rosalia, Rosa, Roisin, Rosamel, Roze, Rosaria, Rose.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: herb.

Rue name variations: Rueh, Rae, Rua.



Years of origin: circa 6th century BC.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: friend, companion.

History behind: derived from the Hebrew reut (translated as friend or companion).

Ruth name variations: Rutha, Ruta, Rutta.



First mention: circa 16th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: forest.

Rylee name variations: Reiley, Rylina, Riley, Ryleigh.


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