Unusual Male Names

Rare Boy Names Starting with Q

Extraordinary Male Names Starting with Q

A list of marvelous, strong, and rare boy names starting with the letter Q.



Years of origin: circa 1st century BC (as Quadi).

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: men of the borderlands.

Quade name variations: Quede, Qade, Quadi.



Origin: Roman.

Meaning: fifth.

History behind: name derived from the Latin quintus (translated as fifth).

Quentin name variations: Quintin, Quinten, Quinn, Quint.



Origin: Irish.

Meaning: from the woods.

Quill name variations: Quil, Quillus, Cwill.



Years of origin: circa 3rd century BC (as Quintus).

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: fifth.

Quincy name variations: Quinto, Quincey, Quintus.



Origin: Irish.

Meaning: slim.

Quinlan name variations: Quinlen, Quinllan, Quinlam.


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