Unusual Female Names

Rare Girl Names That Start with W

Old and Unique Female Names Starting With W

A list of unusual, exotic, and rare girl names that start with W (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Name meaning: wayfarer, wanderer.

Origin: Polish.

Reference: Polish Princess Wanda.

Wanda name variations: Wenda, Wandana, Vanda.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: pale.

Wanetta name variations: Wanita, Waneta, Vaneta, Vanetta.



Years of origin: circa 18th century.

Origin: English.

Meaning: quivering aspen.

Waverly name variations: Waverline, Vaverline, Waverley, Vaverly.



Name meaning: fair, blessed.

Origin: Welsh.

Wendeline name variations: Wendelline, Wendoline, Gwendoline, Gwendeline.



Name meaning: existing, becoming.

Origin: Old Saxon.

Earliest mention of the name: around 7th century.

Historical reference: Saint Wendreda.

Wendreda name variations: Waendreth, Waendreda, Wendrethe, Wendretha.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: bright, shining.

Whitney name variations: Vithney, Whittney, Whitny.



Name meaning: aspiration, desire.

Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Name origin: Old High German.

Wilberta name variations: Willberta, Willberth, Bertha, Berta.



Name meaning: defender, protector.

Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Name origin: Old German.

Willette name variations: Wilete, Willetta, Wiletta, Wileta.



Name meaning: castle, stronghold, fastness.

Origin: Old German.

Earliest mention of the name: circa 12th century.

Historical reference: Willibirg, Countess of Wurttemberg.

Willibirg name variations: Willbirga, Willbirgh, Willbirgha.



Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Origin: Middle English.

Meaning: graceful, neat.

Willow name variations: Willoughby, Wilow, Will, Willov, Villow.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old German.

Meaning: protector, patron.

Wilma name variations: Willma, Wilna, Willa, Wilhelmina.



Years of origin: circa 19th century.

Origin: American.

Meaning: firstborn daughter.

Winona name variations: Vinona, Winonne, Vinonne, Wynona.



Origin: Spanish and English.

Meaning: winter.

Winteria name variations: Winter, Winterette, Winteretta, Vinteria, Vinterette.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean deliciously.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 6th century.

Historical reference: Wisigardis, Frankish Queen Consort.

Wisigardis name variations: Visigardis, Wisigarda, Visigarda, Wisigard.


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