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Old female names starting with E

We have created for you a list of strong and rare girl names that start with E (with history of origin and meanings). We hope this list will be useful to you.

Last updated: March 28, 2022.



Name meaning: genteel, noble.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old English.

Earline name variations: Arline, Earlia, Erlinne, Arlinne, Earlene, Erlina, Earlina, Erlinna, Erlia, Arlina, Erla, Eirline, Erline, Earla.



Name meaning: echo, reflected sound.

Origin: Greek.

Echo name variations: Eko, Echy, Echou.



Name meaning: flaming, fiery.

Origin: Irish.

First mention: around 6th century.

Historical reference: Saint Edana of Ireland.

Edana name variations: Edania, Aedanna, Eddana, Eidanna, Eydana, Eydanna, Edanna, Eadanna.



Name meaning: good gift, prosperous gift, fortunate present.

Origin: Old English.

First mention: early 10th century.

Historical reference: Edgiva (or Eadgifu) of Kent, Queen Consort of the Anglo Saxons.

Edgiva name variations: Eadgifu, Edgifu, Ediva, Eddiva.



Name meaning: riches, prosperity.

First mention: circa 10th century (as Aedgyth or Eadgyth).

Origin: Old English.

Etymology: name derived from the Old English ead (translated as riches and prosperity).

Historical reference: Eadgyth, Queen Consort of Germany.

Edith name variations: Edita, Editta, Editha, Edithe, Edgitha, Edgyth, Eidith, Eydith, Idith, Idita, Iditha, Eadgyth.



Name meaning: esteemed.

First mention: circa 13th century.

Origin: Old French.

Edme name variations: Edmenna, Edmia, Esme, Esmeralda.



Name meaning: flaming.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: around 9th century.

Historical reference: Efanda, Grand Duchess of Novgorod.

Efanda name variations: Eafanda, Fanda, Fandy, Fanda, Fandia, Aefanda, Ephanda, Alfvind, Elfvind.



Name meaning: snow.

Origin: Welsh.

Eira name variations: Eyra, Airra, Aira, Erra, Eirra.



Name meaning: peace.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Eirene, Greek Goddess of peace.

Eirene name variations: Irene, Irenne, Irena, Eirena, Iria, Irria.



Name meaning: underworld.

Origin: Greek.

Eita name variations: Aita, Eitta, Etta, Aitta, Heita.



Name meaning: kernel.

Origin: Irish.

Historical reference: Eithne and Sodelb, Irish saints. Also, other name of the Irish goddess Boann is Eithne.

Eithne name variations: Etna, Enya, Itna, Ithna, Eitna, Eithnea.



Name meaning: good luck.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: circa 10th century.

Eivor name variations: Eivorra, Eivora, Eivara, Eivarra, Ivarra, Eyvor.



Name meaning: mother love.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Elara, beloved of Zeus, mother of the giant Tityos.

Elara name variations: Ellara, Ellaria, Elora.



Name meaning: foreign, outlander.

First mention: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old French.

Etymology: name derived from the Old French aljis (translated as other or foreign).

Historical reference: Eleanor of Normandy, Countess of Flanders.

Eleanor name variations: Ellinor, Elenor, Eleanore, Eleanour, Eleonora, Eilidh.



Name meaning: my God answered.

Origin: Hebrew.

Eliana name variations: Eliane, Ileana, Liana, Illiana, Ilianna, Lianna, Iliana.



Name meaning: neck of land.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Elida name variations: Elada, Ellada, Elidia, Ellida, Elvida.



Name meaning: temple.

Origin: Catalan and Old German.

First mention: circa 13th century.

Historical reference: Elisenda, Queen of Aragon (and her mother Elisenda de Pinos).

Elisenda name variations: Elisend, Alesinda, Aelesinde, Ellisende.



Name meaning: My God is an oath.

Origin: Hebrew and Ukrainian.

First mention: around 11th century.

Historical reference: Elisiv, Princess of Kyiv.

Elisiv name variations: Ellsiv, Ellisiv, Elisif, Ellisif.



Name meaning: merry, cheerful, propitious.

Origin: Welsh and Roman.

Ellery name variations: Ellerie, Elleree, Ellary.



Name meaning: significant, healthy.

First mention: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old French.

Etymology: name derived from the elements heil (translated as healthy) and wid (translated as significant).

Historical reference: Heloise, Abbess of the Paraclete.

Eloise name variations: Eloisa, Ellasa, Heloise, Elly.



Name meaning: chosen by God.

Origin: Scottish and Hebrew.

Elspeth name variations: Elzpeth, Elspet, Elsba, Elsbet, Elspa, Elsuba, Elsubet, Elzpeth, Elspetha, Elspeta, Elspett, Elispeth, Elizabeth.



Name meaning: veracious, trustworthy.

Origin: Gothic.

Elvaria name variations: Elvira, Elvara, Elvaya.



Name meaning: precious, exquisite.

Origin: English.

Emberlynn name variations: Emberlyn, Emberlin, Emberly.



Name meaning: ready, timely.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Emer, wife of the Cuhullin in Irish mythology.

Emer name variations: Emmer, Eimerra, Eimhera, Emmera, Emera.



Name meaning: elegant, tender, delicate.

First mention: around 3rd century BC (as Aemilia).

Origin: Roman.

Emmeline name variations: Aemmeline, Aemilline, Emalia, Aemelina, Emelina, Emiline, Emmilene, Emmaline.



Name meaning: warrior or evening star.

Origin: Old Norse and Old Slavic.

First mention: around 10th century.

Historical reference: Emnilda, Duchess Consort of the Polans.

Emnilda name variations: Emnhilda, Emnilde, Emnhilde.



Name meaning: fair.

Origin: Old Welsh.

Endelyn name variations: Endelin, Endelynna, Endoline, Endolinne, Endolinna.



Name meaning: ruler of the house.

Origin: Italian.

First mention: early 18th century.

Historical reference: Princess Enrichetta, Duchess of Parma.

Enrichetta name variations: Enriquete, Henriquetta, Enricheta, Enriqueta, Ennriquette.



Name meaning: water goddess.

Historical reference: Ereima, Goddess of water in Meitei mythology.

Ereima name variations: Errema, Ereyma, Reima, Leima.



Name meaning: high, supreme, or eternal ruler.

First mention: around 5th century (as Euric).

Origin: Visigothic or Old Norse.

Erica name variations: Errica, Erika, Erikka.



Name meaning: beautiful spring.

Origin: Japanese.

Erina name variations: Errina, Ereina, Erinna.



Name meaning: Ireland, land of abundance.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Eriu, goddess of Ireland in Irish mythology.

Eriu name variations: Erinn, Eire, Erie, Erin.



Name meaning: a bee.

Origin: Basque.

Erlea name variations: Erly, Errle, Erley.



Name meaning: warpath.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 8th century.

Historical reference: Ermesinda, Queen of Asturias.

Ermesinda name variations: Ermelinda, Ermesinde, Ermsinda, Ermsinde, Irmesinda, Irmesinde.



Name meaning: related to stars, star.

Origin: Old French or Latin.

Essie name variations: Essia, Essee, Esther.



Name meaning: star.

Origin: Italian or Latin.

Estela name variations: Estella, Stela, Estelle, Stella.



Name meaning: infinite, forever.

Origin: English.

Eternity name variations: Esernity, Ternity, Eternitia, Ethernity, Ezernity.



Name meaning: noble, grand.

First mention: circa 8th century (as Aetheling).

Origin: Old English.

Ethel name variations: Aethel, Ethell, Ethelyne, Aethelin.



Name meaning: gospel.

Origin: Latin.

Etymology: name derived from the Latin word evangelium (translated as gospel).

Evangeline name variations: Evangelina, Evangelie, Evangelyne.



Name meaning: living.

Origin: Hebrew.

Eve name variations: Ewe, Eva, Evia, Evve.



Name meaning: brave or meadow.

First mention: circa 9th century (as Aeverlyn).

Origin: Old English.

Everly name variations: Aeverlin, Everley, Everlie.



Name meaning: active.

First mention: circa 6th century.

Origin: Irish.

Evin name variations: Evinn, Evinia, Evina, Evinna, Evinnia, Evinette, Evynn.



Name meaning: energy, force.

Origin: Hindu.

Eywa name variations: Aiwa, Aywa, Eyva, Eywwa, Eiwwa, Eiwa.


Thanks for reading. We hope our list of unusual girl names that start with E was helpful to you. On our resource you can also find many other rare and majestic female names.

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