Unusual Female Names

Rare Girl Names Starting with N

Unusual female names starting with N

A list of unusual, elegant, and rare girl names starting with the letter N (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Origin: Basque.

Meaning: wish.

Naia name variations: Naya, Nahikari, Nahia.



Country of origin: Africa.

Meaning: cool water.

Nairobi name variations: Nabi, Naira, Nairobia, Nairenne, Nairoby.



Years of origin: circa 6th century BC.

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: glorious, pleasant.

Naomi name variations: Naomie, Noemi, Nahomie.



Years of origin: unknown.

Origin: Zapotec.

Meaning: I love you.

Nayeli name variations: Nayelle, Neyellie, Ayelie.



Origin: Hindu.

Meaning: pure water.

Neera name variations: Neerenne, Nerrenna, Nerah, Nira.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: champion.

Neila name variations: Neilla, Neil, Nigel, Nijal.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: melody.

Neima name variations: Neyma, Naima, Neimat.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: water, related to the sea, alluring.

History behind: name derived from Greek nereides (translated as sea creatures).

Nereida name variations: Nereide, Nereidine, Nereidina, Nereyda.



Name meaning: water.

Origin: Old Irish or Old Celtic.

Historical reference: Nessa, Princess of the Ulaid in Irish mythology.

Nessa name variations: Ness, Nessia, Nessea, Nessena, Neasa, Neassa.



Years of origin: circa 20th century.

Origin: English.

Meaning: heaven.

History behind: it is the literal word heaven spelled backward.



Years of origin: circa 1st century BC.

Country of origin: Ireland.

Meaning: bright, vivid.

Reference: Crimthann Nia Nair, High King of Ireland.

Nia name variations: Niamh, Neave, Neve, Neavh.



Years of origin: circa 3rd century (as Nicholas).

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: victorious.

History behind: name derived from the Greek element nike (translated as victory).

Nicolina name variations: Nikolina, Nikoline, Nikolinia, Ninna, Nicolinia, Nicolinna, Nina.



Country of origin: Germany.

Meaning: water, related to water.

Nixie name variations: Nixa, Nexie, Nyxie.



Origin: Old French.

Meaning: Christmas.

History behind: name derived from the Old French word noel (translated as Christmas).

Noelle name variations: Noella, Noel, Noela, Noele.



Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: famous, noble.

Nola name variations: Nolla, Nolanna, Nolana.



Origin: Scandinavian.

Meaning: from the North.

Nordica name variations: Nordika, Norda, Nordy.



Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Origin: Irish or Latin.

Meaning: conferring honour.

Noreen name variations: Nora, Norette, Honoria, Norah, Honora, Noora.


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