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26 Old Ukrainian Names with Meanings

Old Ukrainian Names

Ukraine is an incredibly beautiful and independent country with a great history. In this article, we have compiled a list of 26 old Ukrainian names.



Name meaning: given by God, gift of God.

Name variations: Bohdana, Bodanna, Bogdanna, Bogdan (male form).



Name meaning: earth father (earth mother as Demetra).

Name variations: Dimitrius, Dima, Dmitrius, Demetra (female form).



Name meaning: heir of God.

Reference: Gleb, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Glieb, Glib.


Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv

Reference: Three legendary brothers, founders of the Kyiv.

Name variations: Kyj, Kou, Kov, Kyjev, Schek, Khorevitsa, Khorivitsa, Khoriv.



Name meaning: masterly, lordly.

Name variations: Kiril, Kyril, Ciril, Kyrill, Cyrill.



Name meaning: one who loves the world.

Name variations: Lyubomir, Lybomir, Lyubomyr, Lubomira (female form).



Name meaning: swan.

Reference: Lybid, sister of Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv.

Name variations: Lubid, Lybed.



Name meaning: one who glorifies the world, one who glorifies the peace.

Name variations: Slava, Mira, Miroslanna, Miroslav (male form).



Name meaning: famous, glorious.

Reference: Mstislav the first, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Mistislav, Mstislava (female form).



Name meaning: homecoming.

Reference: Nestor of Gerenia, King of Pylos. In Ukraine, the name gained popularity thanks to Nestor the Chronicler (author of the Primary Chronicle), and Nestor Makhno (Ukrainian revolutionary).

Name variations: Nester, Nesster, Nesterr, Nesstor, Nestera (female form).



Name meaning: blessed, holy, sacred.

Reference: Saint Olga of Kyiv.

Name variations: Ollga, Helga, Oleg (male version).



Name meaning: resistant, steadfast.

Reference: Ostap Dashkevych, commander of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

Name variations: Eustap, Eustace, Osstap, Eustathius.



Name meaning: rock, stone.

Name variations: Peter, Pietro, Pieter, Petra (female form).



Name meaning: caring for glory, glorious.

Name variations: Radoslawa, Radaslava, Radaslaw, Radoslav (male form).



Name meaning: rising fame, rising to glory.

Reference: Rostislav the first, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Rastislav, Rostislava (female form).



Name meaning: calm, peaceful.

Name variations: Solomia, Solomina.



Name meaning: blessed commander, glorious commander.

Reference: Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Svyatopolk, Swyatopolk, Sviatapolk, Svyatapolk.



Name meaning: glory worshipper, holy worshipper.

Reference: Sviatoslav the first, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Svyatoslav, Swyatoslav, Sveitoslav, Sviatoslava (female version).



Name meaning: confusing, disturbing, exciting.

Most notable name bearer: Taras Hryhorovych Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet and writer.

Name variations: Tarasios.



Name meaning: powerful, mighty.

Name variations: Valerianus, Valeryan, Valerius.



Name meaning: foreigner, stranger.

Name variations: Barbara, Varvarra, Varwara, Varvarah.



Name meaning: kingly, royal.

Name variations: Basil, Vasil, Vasyll, Vasill, Wasyl.



Name meaning: ruler of the world.

Reference: Volodymyr the Great, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Volodymer, Wolodymyr, Valodymyr.



Name meaning: ardent and glorious, powerful and glorious, fiery and glorious, desperate in his glory.

Reference: Yaroslav the Wise, Grand Prince of Kyiv.

Name variations: Jaroslav, Iaroslav, Yaroslava (female version).


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