Unusual Male Names

Uncommon Boy Names Starting with I

Unique and Majestic Male Names Starting with I

A list of beautiful, majestic, and uncommon boy names starting with the letter I (with full history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 26, 2022.



Name meaning: to go, going.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Etymology: name derived from Old English word agan (translated as to go).

Reference: Iago ap Beli, King of Gwynedd.

Iago name variations: Yago, Aago, Agan.



Years of origin: circa 7th century BC (as Johanan).

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: God is gracious.

Reference: Johanan, son of King Josiah of Judah.

Ian name variations: Iann, Iain, Ean, Eann.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: time.

Idan name variations: Iden, Idann, Ideen.



Name meaning: house, lodging.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 7th century.

Etymology: name derived from Old English inn (translated as house or lodging).

Reference: Ine, King of Wessex.

Ine name variations: Inen, Inne, Inno.



Name meaning: ring.

Origin: Old Norse.

Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Reference: Inge the Elder, king of Sweden.

Inge name variations: Ingeus, Inges, Ingi.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean angel.

Origin: Frankish.

Earliest mention of the name: circa 9th century.

Historical reference: Ingelger, first Count of Anjou.

Ingelger name variations: Ingeliger, Angeliger, Angelger, Angeljer, Anjelger.



Name meaning: mighty, ruler, powerful (can also mean from the woods).

Origin: Old Norse or Old English.

Earliest mention of a name: late 7th century.

Historical reference: Ingwald, Bishop of London.

Ingwald name variations: Ingvaldr, Ingevald, Innwald, Ingvald.



Name meaning: ring.

Origin: Old Norse.

Reference: Yngvi, another name for the god Freyr.

Ingwin name variations: Ingvin, Ingwinn, Yngvi, Ingine.



Years of origin: circa 7th century.

Origin: Celtic.

Meaning: unifying.

Inver name variations: Inwer, Invir, Invor.



Name meaning: seer, prophet.

First mention: circa 17th century BC.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Iriel Faid, High King of Ireland.

Iriel name variations: Ireil, Irriel, Airiel, Eiriel, Irell.



Name meaning: greatest ruler, universal ruler.

Origin: Old English.

First mention: circa 6th century.

Historical reference: Irminric (or Eormenric), King of Kent.

Irminric name variations: Ermenric, Iormenric, Irminrik, Irmin, Eormenrik, Ermenrik.



Years of origin: circa 12th century (as Irvine).

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: fresh water, related to water.

Reference: Scottish Clan Irvine.

Irving name variations: Irwin, Irvin, Irvine.



Name meaning: gift of goddess Isis.

First mention: around 6th century.

Origin: Spanish and Greek.

Historical reference: Saint Isidore, Archbishop of Seville.

Isidore name variations: Isidorus, Isidor, Eisidor, Isid.



Years of origin: circa 8th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: warrior, leader.

History behind: name derived from the Old Norse herr (translated as warrior or army).

Ivar name variations: Iwar, Iver, Ivor.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: light, shine, glow.

Iyar name variations: Iyer, Ayyar, Aiyar.


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