Unusual Female Names

Uncommon Girl Names Starting with I

Unusual Female Names Starting with I

A list of beautiful, majestic, and uncommon girl names starting with the letter I (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old German and Old Norse.

Meaning: laborious, industrious.

History behind: name derived from the Germanic root id (translated as labor or work).

Ida name variations: Eeda, Idia, Idda.



Years of origin: circa 6th century (as Adel).

Origin: Germanic.

Meaning: generous, lavish.

Reference: King Adel of Sweden.

Idelle name variations: Idelia, Idelina, Idellina, Adelina, Adella, Idelisa, Idella.



Origin: English and Latin.

Meaning: fiery, flamy.

History behind: derived from the Latin word ignis (translated as fire).

Note: often used as a male name and may refer to gender neutral names.

Iggy name variations: Igia, Giggy, Jiggy, Iggie.



Origin: Italian and Latin.

Meaning: hilarious.

History behind: name derived from Latin word hilarius (translated as hilarious).

Ilaria name variations: Illara, Illaria, Hillary.



Name meaning: warrior.

Origin: Old Norse.

Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Ilced name variations: Iliced, Ilcet, Ilcedda, Ilcetta, Illiced, Ellced.



Years of origin: circa 11th century BC.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: a ray of light.

History behind: name derived from Greek word helios (translated as a ray of light).

Iliana name variations: Eliana, Ilenia, Liana, Ileanna.



Origin: Irish or Greek.

Meaning: daughter.

Reference: Innogen, wife of Brutus of Troy.

Imogen name variations: Imogina, Imojina, Imegen, Imejen ,Innogen.



Name meaning: shield, protection.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: early 11th century.

Reference: Ingegerd Olofsdotter, Grand Princess of Kyiv.

Ingegerd name variations: Ingegard, Ingerda, Ingegerda, Ingarda.



Name meaning: lord.

Origin: Old Norse.

Ingina name variations: Inginne, Ingine, Inginna.



Years of origin: circa 11th century (as Ingerid).

Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: master, lord.

Reference: Ingerid Swendsdatter of Denmark.

Ingrid name variations: Inghrid, Ingrida, Ingirid, Ingerid.



Name meaning: battle master.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: around 11th century.

Ingvild name variations: Ingvilla, Ingvila, Ingivild, Ingivill.



Origin: American.

Meaning: beautiful land.

Iowa name variations: Owa, Ova, Iowenne, Iovenne, Iova.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: rainbow.

History behind: name derived from the Greek iris (translated as rainbow).

Iris name variations: Irisia, Irie, Irissa, Irrisa.



Origin: Old German.

Meaning: world.

Years of origin: circa 7th century (as Irmina).

History behind: name derived from the Old German irmin (translated as world).

Reference: Saint Irmina of Oeren.

Irma name variations: Irmina, Irminne, Irmennete, Irmine, Irmela.



Years of origin: circa 14th century.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: island, secluded.

Isla name variations: Asla, Islenna, Islena, Islay.



Years of origin: circa 5th century BC.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: smart, brainy.

Ismene name variations: Ismenia, Ismenetta, Ismenne.



Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Origin: Old High German.

Meaning: ice warrior.

Reference: Iseult of Ireland.

Isolde name variations: Iseult, Isolt, Isolda, Isolde.



Name meaning: shelter.

First mention: around 6th century.

Origin: Germanic.

Historical reference: Saint Itta of Metz.

Itta name variations: Ita, Ittelin, Ittelina, Ittia.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old French.

Meaning: yew.

Ivette name variations: Ivy, Ivetta, Iveretta, Iverett, Ivett, Yevette.


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