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Uncommon Male Names Starting with O

Exotic Male Names Starting with O

A list of majestic and uncommon male names starting with the letter O (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 28, 2022.



Name meaning: oak tree.

Origin: English.

Etymology: name derived from Old English elements ac (translated as oak) and leah (translated as wood).

Oakley name variations: Oakly, Akley, Oaklee.



Name meaning: peaceable.

Origin: Old Norse.

Oddfrid name variations: Odfrid, Odhgrim, Odda, Oddafrid, Oddefrid.



Name meaning: affluent, wealthy.

Origin: Old English or Old French.

First mention: circa 7th century.

Historical reference: Odo the Great, Duke of Aquitaine.

Odo name variations: Oddeus, Oddo, Odeus.



Name meaning: little deer.

Origin: Irish.

History behind: in Irish mythology, Oisin was a warrior and the greatest poet of Ireland.

Oisin name variations: Osian, Ossian, Jeistin, Jestin.



Name meaning: ancestor, descendant.

Origin: Old Norse.

Olaf name variations: Olav, Oilaf, Oilav, Olafr, Olave, Olaus.



Name meaning: hereditary ruler.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Historical reference: Oldrich, Count of Barcelona.

Oldrich name variations: Odalric, Odelric, Udalric, Udalrich.



Name meaning: famous throughout the land, from glorious land.

First mention: circa 11th century (as Roland).

Origin: Frankish.

Historical reference: Roland, Bishop of Treviso.

Orlando name variations: Rolland, Rolando, Orland.



Name meaning: bear.

First mention: circa 14th century.

Origin: Old French.

Orson name variations: Orsian, Orso, Orsen.



Name meaning: good friend, true friend.

Origin: Old English.

Orwynn name variations: Orvin, Orwyn, Orwin.



Name meaning: God of bears, brave as a bear.

First mention: circa 9th century (as Osbourne).

Origin: Old Norse.

Etymology: name derived from Old Norse elements as (translated as god) and bjorn (translated as bear).

Osborn name variations: Ozborne, Ozzy, Osborne.



Name meaning: friend, companion.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Origin: Gaelic.

Etymology: name derived from Gaelic element cara (translated as friend).

Oscar name variations: Oskar, Oskarsson, Oskarson.



Name meaning: protected by the gods.

Origin: Old Norse.

Osmund name variations: Asmund, Asmundr, Osmunds, Osmundr, Usmund, Aasmund.



Name meaning: mighty like a god.

Origin: Old English or Old Saxon.

First mention: around 7th century.

Historical reference: Osric, King of Deira.

Osric name variations: Osirr, Osiric, Osrik, Osir.



Name meaning: resistant, steadfast.

Origin: Ukrainian and Greek.

Ostap name variations: Eustap, Eustace, Eustathius.



Name meaning: ruler, leader.

First mention: circa 7th century.

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Oswald, King of Northumbria.

Etymology: name derived from the Old English weald (translated as ruler).

Oswald name variations: Osvald, Oswell, Oswalt, Oswall, Oswaldo.



Name meaning: formidable warrior, fearsome warrior.

Origin: Old Norse.

First mention: around 6th century.

Historical reference: Otter, King of Sweden.

Ohthere name variations: Ottar, Ottere, Otter, Otherr, Oterr.



Name meaning: rich, wealthy.

First mention: circa 10th century (as Audettis).

Origin: Old German.

Etymology: name derived from the Germanic element aud (translated as wealth or prosperity).

Otis name variations: Ottis, Otys, Otto, Ottilie and Ottilia (female versions).



Name meaning: noble, grand.

Origin: Welsh.

Owen name variations: Ouen, Ewan, Oven, Owenn, Ouenn, Eoin.


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