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Uncommon Male Names That Start with C

Exotic Male Names Starting With C

We have created for you a list of strong and uncommon male names that start with the letter C. We hope this list will be useful to you.

Last updated: April 23, 2022.



Years of origin: circa 8th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: warrior settlement.

Cadby name variations: Kadby, Kaebdy, Cade, Cadeby, Kaddeby.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: fine, slender.

Reference: Niall of the Caellan, a High King of Ireland.

Caelan name variations: Kallan, Caolan, Cailean, Kaelan, Callan.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: possessed.

History behind: Cain was the first son of Adam and Eve in the Bible and killed his brother Abel out of jealousy.

Cain name variations: Cainus, Kainus, Caennen, Kaennen, Kain, Caine.



Name meaning: triumphant, victorious.

First mention: late 5th century.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Cairell Coscrach, King of Ulaid.

Cairell name variations: Kairell, Karell, Cair, Kair.



Name meaning: Earth, man of Earth.

Years of origin: circa 2nd century BC (as Gaius).

Origin: Roman.

Reference: Gaius Marius, a Roman general and politician.

Caius name variations: Kaius, Cai, Gaius.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: loyal, faithful.

Caleb name variations: Caeleb, Kaeleb, Kaleb.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: bright.

Reference: Cellachan Caisil, King of Munster.

Callahan name variations: Callaghan, Cellachan, Kallachan, Callachan.



Years of origin: circa 14th century.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: peace.

Callum name variations: Kallum, Calum, Caylum.



Years of origin: circa 13th century.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: crooked nose.

Cameron name variations: Caemeron, Camron, Kaemeron, Kameron.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: stronghold, citadel.

Carlisle name variations: Karlisle, Karlile, Carlyle, Carlile.



Years of origin: circa 16th century.

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: liberty, freedom.

History behind: it is a Spanish variant of the name Charles.

Reference: Carlos the first, King of Spain.

Carlos name variations: Karlos, Carles, Carlisius, Karlisius, Charles.



Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: twilight, dusky.

Etymology: name derived from Gaelic word ciar (translated as dusky).

Carson name variations: Carrson, Ciarson, Kiarson, Karson.



Years of origin: circa 18th century.

Origin: English.

Meaning: pure, pristine.

Casen name variations: Kasen, Kassen, Cassey, Cassen.



Years of origin: circa 4th century BC.

Origin: Persian.

Meaning: treasure king.

Casper name variations: Kasper, Casperus, Kasperus, Jasper, Casperius.



Origin: English.

Meaning: sea, related to water.

Caspian name variations: Kaspian, Cassian, Cassius.



Name meaning: courageous, bold, brave.

Origin: Old French or Middle English.

Note: name can also mean field of jackdaws.

Cavill name variations: Cavell, Caevell, Kaevell, Kavell, Kavill.



Name meaning: descendant of the ruler.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Reference: Ceawlin, King of Wessex.

Ceawlin name variations: Keawlin, Cewlin, Kewlin.



Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Origin: Celtic.

Meaning: loving, loved.

Reference: Cerdic of Wessex, the first king of Saxon Wessex.

Cedric name variations: Kedrick, Rick, Cederik, Cederick, Cederic.



Name meaning: curious, inquisitive.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Reference: Cenred of Wessex.

Cenred name variations: Ceonred, Cenret, Kenret, Cenrid, Cenered, Kenred.



Name meaning: to rule, control.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 7th century.

Reference: Ceolwald of Wessex.

Ceolwald name variations: Keolwald, Kewald, Ceowald, Cewald.



Years of origin: circa 19th century.

Country of origin: France.

Meaning: candle maker.

Chandler name variations: Kandler, Candler, Chandeler, Chander.



Origin: English.

Meaning: town or village of Chad.

Chadwick name variations: Cheadwick, Chadwik, Chad.



Years of origin: circa 13th century.

Origin: Old French.

Meaning: young wolf.

Channing name variations: Chann, Chaninn, Chaning, Chany.



Name meaning: careful, concerned, bright.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 6th century.

Historical reference: Charibert the first, King of Paris.

Charibert name variations: Caribert, Heriberth, Heribert, Chariberth.



Origin: English.

Meaning: fortune, luck.

Chauncy name variations: Chancy, Chancey, Chanse.



Origin: English.

Meaning: related to music.

Chord name variations: Choerd, Kord, Chordy.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: homesteader.

Clayton name variations: Klayton, Cleiton, Clyve, Klyve.



Origin: Old English and Old Norse.

Meaning: rocky.

History behind: name derived from Old Norse word klint (translated as rocky or steep).

Clint name variations: Klint, Klinton, Clinton.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old Norse or Old English.

Meaning: coal village.

Colby name variations: Coelbie, Koelbie, Kolbyn, Colbyn, Colbie, Kolby.



Name meaning: in the name of God, glorious name.

Origin: Germanic and Hebrew.

Earliest mention of a name: around 11th century.

Historical reference: Coloman, King of Hungary.

Coloman name variations: Kolman, Koloman, Kalman, Calman, Colman.



Origin: American and Greek.

Meaning: triumph, exultancy.

History behind: it is a derivative of name Nicholas.

Colson name variations: Kolson, Cole, Colsen, Claus.



Name meaning: young man.

Origin: Old English.

Earliest mention of a name: around 11th century.

Etymology: name derived from Old English swein (translated as young man).

Historical reference: Colswein of Lincoln.

Colswein name variations: Kolswein, Swein, Colwein, Kolewein.



Name meaning: together, united.

Origin: Irish.

First mention: early 6th century.

References: Comgall (Irish Saint) and Comgall mac Domangairt (King of Dal Riata).

Comgall name variations: Comgal, Komgal, Comgell, Komgell.



Years of origin: circa 7th century.

Origin: Celtic.

Meaning: little wolf, little hound.

Note: can also be derived from the word conn (translated as wisdom or counsel).

Conan name variations: Konann, Connie, Con, Konan, Connan.



Name meaning: virtuous, chaste.

Years of origin: circa 5th century.

Origin: Irish.

Reference: Saint Conleth of Ireland.

Conleth name variations: Konleth, Konlet, Conlet, Conlaith, Conleath, Conlath.



Name meaning: bald king.

First mention: circa 17th century BC.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Conmael, High King of Ireland.

Conmael name variations: Konmael, Conmell, Konmell, Conmel, Konmel, Conn, Cohnmael, Konn.



Name meaning: space, universe.

Origin: Italian and Greek.

Earliest mention of the name: 3rd century (as Cosmas).

History behind: it is an Italin form of the Greek names Kosmas.

Historical reference: Saints Cosmas and Damian.

Cosimo name variations: Kosimo, Kosmo, Cosmo, Cosmas, Kosmas.



Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Name meaning: convention, meeting.

History behind: name derived from Latin word conventum (translated as convention).

Note: the word coven usually refers to a group or gathering of witches.

Coven name variations: Cowen, Coyen, Koven, Caven, Kaven, Cohan.



Name meaning: settlement.

Origin: Old English.

Covington name variations: Kovington, Carington, Caryngton.



Name meaning: ruler.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 5th century.

Creoda name variations: Credda, Kredda, Kreoda, Creda, Kreda.



Name meaning: hairy.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

First mention: circa 11th century.

Historical reference: Crinan of Dunkeld, powerful Scottish lord, Abbot of Dunkeld.

Crinan name variations: Crinnan, Krinan, Krinnan, Cronan, Kronan.



Name meaning: son of the holy one.

Origin: Gaelic.

History behind: name derived from the ancient Gaelic cuileann (translated as holy) and ain (translated as son).

Cullen name variations: Kullen, Cullinan, Cullin.



Name meaning: famous, bright, renowned.

Origin: Old English or Old Saxon.

Earliest mention of a name: around 7th century.

Historical reference: Cuthbert, Anglo Saxon Saint.

Cuthbert name variations: Kuthberth, Cutbert, Kutbert, Cuthheard, Cuthherd, Kutberth.



Name meaning: illustrious, famous, ruler.

Origin: Old Saxon or Old English.

Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Reference: Cuthwine of Wessex, son of King Ceawlin.

Cuthwine name variations: Cutwine, Kuthwine, Kutwine.



Name meaning: king.

Origin: Old English.

Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Reference: Cynric, King of Wessex.

Cynric name variations: Kinric, Cinrik, Cinric, Cinrick, Kynrick.



Name meaning: vivid, metallic.

Origin: Greek or Roman.

Years of origin: circa 3rd century.

Reference: Saint Cyprian, Bishop of Carthage.

Cyprian name variations: Kyprian, Ciprian, Kiprian, Kyprien.


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