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Unique Girl Names Starting with A

Old and Exotic Female Names Starting with A

We have created for you a list of elegant and unique girl names starting with the letter A (with history of origin and meanings). We hope this list will be useful to you.

Last updated: March 21, 2022.



Name meaning: breath.

Origin: Hebrew.

Abelia name variations: Abella, Abelle, Abellia, Abellie, Abelly.



Name meaning: born on Tuesday.

First mention: around 18th century.

Origin: African or Akan.

Abena name variations: Abbena, Abyena, Abiena, Abynna.



Name meaning: exultation, cheerfulness.

Origin: Hebrew.

Historical reference: Abigail, wife of King David in the Hebrew Bible.

Abigail name variations: Abbey, Abby, Abbie, Gayle, Avigail.



Name meaning: growing like grass.

First mention: around 4th century.

Origin: Hebrew.

Abilene name variations: Abelina, Abillene, Abelline.



Name meaning: seashore.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Actaea, one of the Nereids in Greek mythology.

Actea name variations: Aktaia, Actea, Actaea.



Name meaning: noble, nobility.

First mention: circa 4th century (as Ada).

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Ada of Caria, ruler of Caria.

Adah name variations: Ada, Adaya, Addaya, Adda.



Name meaning: noble natured.

First mention: around 10th century.

Origin: Old High German.

Etymology: derived from the Old High German Adelheid (translated as noble natured).

Adelaide name variations: Adelaida, Addelaide, Addelaida.



Name meaning: hardy, brave, bold.

Origin: Frankish.

First mention: around 8th century (as Adalard).

Historical reference: Saint Adalard of Corbie.

Etymology: name derived from Frankish ard or hard (translated as hardy or bold).

Adelarda name variations: Adalarda, Adelara, Adelarna, Adelarne, Adalara.



Name meaning: noble, honorable.

First mention: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old High German.

Adeline name variations: Adele, Adelina, Adalyn, Adlyn, Adelisa.



Name meaning: warpath.

First mention: circa 8th century.

Origin: Germanic.

Historical reference: Adosinda, Queen of Asturias.

Adosinda name variations: Adesinde, Adasinda, Adosina, Adesina, Adesinda.



Name meaning: high, cloudy.

First mention: around 8th century.

Origin: Frankish.

Note: can also mean from Adria (ancient city in northern Italy on the Adriatic Sea).

Adriana name variations: Adrianna, Arianna, Adrienne, Eidrianna, Aidriana, Aydrianna, Adrialla.



Name meaning: combat, battle.

First mention: around 1st century (as Baduhenna).

Origin: Germanic.

Historical reference: Baduhenna, Germanic deity.

Aduhenna name variations: Aduenna, Adhena, Adhenna, Auenna.



Name meaning: winged, wingy.

First mention: around 4th century.

Origin: Roman.

Historical reference: Aelia Flaccilla, Roman empress.

Aelia name variations: Aellia, Aella, Elia, Ellia.



Name meaning: God is my oath.

Origin: Hebrew.

Aelis name variations: Elis, Ellis, Aellis, Aells.



Name meaning: winged or trap.

First mention: around 9th century.

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Ealhswith, wife of King Alfred.

Aelswith name variations: Alswitha, Alswith, Ealswith, Ashwitha.



Name meaning: noble.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Aethelflaed, ruler of Mercia.

Aethelflaed name variations: Athelfleid, Atheflaed, Aetelfled.



Name meaning: born on Friday.

Origin: African or Akan.

Afia name variations: Affia, Aphie, Affie, Afiya, Aphia.



Name meaning: wisdom.

First mention: around 3rd century.

Origin: Greek and Roman.

Historical reference: Afinia, wife of Gaius Gallus (Roman emperor).

Afinia name variations: Athenia, Aphinia, Afinna, Afina.



Name meaning: good, boon.

First mention: around 3rd century.

Origin: Greek.

Etymology: derived from Greek agathos (translated as good).

Historical reference: Saint Agatha of Sicily.

Agatha name variations: Agata, Aggata, Aggatta, Agatta.



Name meaning: sacred, chaste.

First mention: circa 3rd century (as Agnes).

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Saint Agnes of Rome.

Agneta name variations: Agnes, Agnetta, Agnete, Agnese, Agni, Agnis, Agnessa, Agneth, Agnetha, Agny, Agnita, Agnethe, Agnez, Agnette.



Name meaning: immortal, inner light.

Origin: Hindu.

Ahana name variations: Aahana, Ahanna, Ahanah.



Name meaning: sun, sunshine, related to sun.

Origin: Greek.

Etymology: derived from the Greek word helios (translated as sun).

Aileen name variations: Helen, Ailee, Haileen.



Name meaning: admired, beloved.

First mention: around 6th century (as male name Aime).

Origin: Old French.

Historical reference: Saint Aime (Amatus), Benedictine monk.

Aimee name variations: Amy, Aymie, Aymee, Aime, Amee.



Name meaning: brightness, radiance.

Origin: Old Irish.

Historical reference: Aine, goddess of summer and wealth in Irish mythology.

Aine name variations: Ainne, Ayne, Aina.



Name meaning: one victory.

First mention: circa 3rd century BC.

Origin: Greek and Slavic.

Historical reference: Deities Ainina and Danina.

Ainina name variations: Aynina, Aineena, Aninna, Anina, Annina, Aininah, Aenna.



Name meaning: dream.

Origin: Irish.

Aisling name variations: Ashling, Aislee, Aislin, Ashlyn.



Name meaning: gladness.

Origin: Basque.

Alaia name variations: Alajia, Alazia, Allaia, Aliija, Aleia.



Name meaning: young deer.

Origin: Old Welsh.

Alaine name variations: Allana, Alleine, Alleina, Allaine, Allyn.



Name meaning: noble, honorable.

Origin: Germanic.

Alberta name variations: Adalberta, Adelberta, Alaberta, Abertha, Aberta, Albertine, Albertha.



Name meaning: bright, fair.

First mention: around 1st century.

Origin: Roman.

Historical reference: Albia Terentia, mother of Marcus Salvius Otho (Roman emperor).

Albia name variations: Allibia, Alibia, Abia, Abiya, Alybia.



Name meaning: good fame.

First mention: around 14th century.

Origin: Greek and Lithuanian.

Historical reference: Aldona, Queen consort of Poland.

Aldona name variations: Aldonia, Aldonna, Adonna, Eudokia, Eudoxia.



Name meaning: noble, knightly.

First mention: circa 10th century (as Adelheide).

Origin: Old Dutch.

History behind: it is a Dutch form of the name Adelheide.

Aleida name variations: Aleide, Alleida, Allaide, Allaida, Alleide.



Name meaning: truthful one.

Origin: Greek.

Etymology: name derived from the ancient Greek word aletheia (translated as truth).

Alice name variations: Alisa, Alisia, Alissia, Allice, Alissa.



Name meaning: defender.

First mention: circa 13th century.

Origin: French and Greek.

Historical reference: Alix de Beaumont, Baroness of Elbeuf.

Alix name variations: Aliz, Alixandra, Alexandra, Aelix.



Name meaning: benevolent, kind.

Origin: Latin.

Alma name variations: Allma, Almah, Aelme, Aelma, Almo (male form).



Name meaning: sand or sword.

First mention: around 11th century (as Malmfred).

Origin: Old English or Old Slavic.

Historical reference: Malmfred of Kiev, wife of King Sigurd the first of Norway.

Almfreda name variations: Malmfreda, Alfreda, Almfreta, Almeda.



Name meaning: protector, supporter.

Origin: Old German.

Almene name variations: Almina, Alminna, Elmina, Almena, Almenna, Almenne, Wilhelmina.



Name meaning: oak tree.

Origin: Hebrew.

Alona name variations: Allona, Elona, Ellona, Allenne, Alene.



Name meaning: omnipotent.

Origin: Old Norse.

Historical reference: Alvaldi, Norse mythology god.

Alva name variations: Alvaldi, Alvalda, Avaldi, Alvalla.



Name meaning: noble friend, amicable, friendly.

First mention: around 10th century (as Adelwin).

Origin: Old High German.

Alvina name variations: Elvina, Elvyna, Adelwin, Adalwin.



Name meaning: defender.

First mention: 13th century BC (as Alexander).

Origin: Greek.

Alxia name variations: Alixia, Alexia, Alxie, Alexa.



Name meaning: laborious, hard working.

First mention: circa 7th century (as Amalberga).

Origin: Old German.

Etymology: name derived from Germanic element amal (translated as to work).

Historical reference: Amalberga of Maubeuge (Saint Amalia), Merovingian nun.

Amalia name variations: Amelia, Ammalia, Ammalie, Ammelie.



Name meaning: soft, tender.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Amalthea, deity in Greek mythology.

Amathea name variations: Amatea, Amadea, Amaltheia, Amathia, Ammatea.



Name meaning: mother.

First mention: around 6th century.

Origin: Spanish.

Historical reference: Amaya village, mentioned in the Chronicle of John of Biclaro.

Amaya name variations: Ammaya, Amaia, Amaye, Amara, Amya.



Name meaning: always, ever.

Origin: Latin.

Aminia name variations: Amnia, Aminnie, Aminnia.



Name meaning: enamored, amorous.

First mention: around 15th century (as Amoret).

Origin: Old French.

Etymology: name derived from Old French amorette (translated as amorous).

Amorette name variations: Amoretta, Amorett, Amoreta, Amette.



Name meaning: open sea.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Amphitrite, sea goddess in Greek mythology.

Amphitrite name variations: Amphitrita, Amphiritta, Amitritte, Amitrita.



Name meaning: eternity, deathless, immortality.

Origin: Sanskrit.

Amrita name variations: Amata, Amritia, Ammata, Amrit (male form).



Name meaning: beloved.

Origin: Latin and English.

Etymology: derived from the Latin word amare (translated as love).

Amybeth name variations: Amiebeth, Amybet, Aimeebeth, Miebeth.



Name meaning: graceful, beautiful.

Origin: Hebrew.

Anabel name variations: Annabelle, Anabella, Anabenna, Anabell, Annabel, Annabell.



Name meaning: maid (derived from Latin word ancilla).

First mention: around 10th century.

Origin: Spanish and Latin.

Historical reference: Ancilla, wife of Humbert the first, Count of Savoy.

Ancilla name variations: Ancelie, Ansilla, Auxilia, Cilia, Ancilia.



Name meaning: repair, restore.

First mention: around 10th century.

Origin: Basque.

Historical reference: Andregoto Galindez, Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Navarre.

Andregota name variations: Anregotte, Andregotte, Aregotte, Aregotta.



Name meaning: angelic, angel, messenger of God.

First mention: circa 15th century (as Angelica).

Origin: Italian and Latin.

Etymology: derived from Latin angelicus (translated as messenger of God).

Historical reference: Angelica, a princess in the Orlando Innamorato.

Angelique name variations: Angelica, Angelika, Angela, Angella, Angie.



Name meaning: from the land of angels.

First mention: circa 14th century.

Origin: Germanic.

Historical reference: Anglesia, Queen Consort of Cyprus.

Anglesia name variations: Anglesea, Aglessa, Anglessia, Englesia, Angelsea, Angelsia, Angless.



Name meaning: great warrior.

First mention: around 4th century (as Cunneda).

Origin: Brythonic.

Historical reference: Cunedda ap Edern, Welsh lord and headman.

Anneda name variations: Gwynedda, Aneda, Anedda.



Name meaning: graceful.

Origin: English and German.

History behind: it is a compound form of Anna and Liese, a short form of Elisabeth.

Anneliese name variations: Analise, Annelise, Annalise.



Name meaning: heavenly protection.

First mention: around 8th century (as Anselm).

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Saint Anselm, Duke of Friuli.

Ansella name variations: Anselma, Selma, Ansela, Anselmine.



Name meaning: praiseworthy.

First mention: around 2nd century BC.

Origin: Roman.

Historical reference: Antonia, wife of Marcus Antonius (Roman politician).

Antonia name variations: Antonya, Tonnya, Tonya, Antoinette, Antonia, Antoinetta, Antoineta, Antonetta, Antonette, Antoina.



Name meaning: lovable, darling.

First mention: circa 12th century.

Origin: Scottish.

Etymology: derived from the Latin amabilis (translated as lovable).

Historical reference: Arabella de Leuchars, a granddaughter of the Scottish king William the Lion.

Arabella name variations: Amabel, Arabela.



Name meaning: altar of the sky, related to sky (from Latin Ara Caeli).

First mention: around 17th century.

Origin: Spanish and Latin.

Araceli name variations: Arcelia, Arcilla, Aracelli, Aracellia, Aracely.



Name meaning: goodness, honour, virtue.

First mention: around 20th century.

Origin: American and Greek.

Historical reference: Aretha Franklin, American singer.

Etymology: name derived from Greek arete (translated as goodness).

Aretha name variations: Areta, Arethia, Aretia, Arette.



Name meaning: air.

Origin: Persian or Hebrew.

Note: in Hebrew, Aria means Lioness of God.

Aria name variations: Ari, Arie, Ariah, Arya.



Name meaning: hero, lion of God.

Origin: French and Hebrew.

History behind: it is a French form of Hebrew name Ariel.

Arielle name variations: Ariella, Ariela, Arella, Arilla, Ariel.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean fruit seeds.

First mention: around 5th century.

Origin: Old English or Old Welsh.

Historical reference: Saint Arilda of Oldbury.

Arilda name variations: Arilla, Arilde, Arildia, Afrella, Arildie.



Name meaning: soul.

Origin: Basque.

Note: Arima is also a name of Japanese samurai clan.

Arima name variations: Arrima, Areima, Arrema.



Name meaning: golden princess.

First mention: around 10th century (as Orlaith or Orla).

Origin: Irish.

Historical reference: Orlaith ingen Cennetig, Irish Queen.

Arla name variations: Orla, Arrla, Arlaith, Arlagh.



Name meaning: freedom.

Origin: Irish.

Arleen name variations: Arlene, Carlene, Arlina, Arlinia, Arlinnia, Charlene.



Name meaning: hunt, wilderness.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Artemis, daughter of Zeus.

Artemisa name variations: Artemisaya, Artemis, Aertemisa, Misa.



Name meaning: woman of earth, earthen.

First mention: around 8th century (as Arthen).

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Arthen ap Seisyll, king of the Kingdom of Ceredigion.

Arthena name variations: Arthenna, Thenna, Athenna, Artena, Athena, Artenna.



Name meaning: bride.

Origin: Old Norse.

Note: name can also mean god.

Aslaug name variations: Aslaugh, Aslauga, Aslaugha, Aslog.



Name meaning: aspen, trembling.

First mention: circa 19th century.

Origin: English.

Aspen name variations: Aspenn, Aspena, Aspenia, Aspennia, Aspenna.



Name meaning: divinely beautiful.

First mention: around 10th century.

Origin: Scandinavian.

Etymology: derived from Old Nordic elements ass (translated as god) and fridr (translated as beautiful).

Historical reference: Estrid Svendsdatter, Danish princess.

Astrid name variations: Asta, Astryd, Aestrid, Estrid, Istredd, Istred, Estrith, Astrith.



Name meaning: crown.

Origin: Hebrew.

Atarah name variations: Atarra, Attarah, Attara, Atara.



Name meaning: to feed (can also mean gift).

First mention: circa 1st century BC.

Origin: Roman.

Historical reference: Atia, mother of Gaius Octavius.

Atia name variations: Attia, Aytia, Atiyah.



Name meaning: wealthy.

First mention: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Etymology: name derived from Old Norse aud (translated as wealth).

Audhilda name variations: Audhilde, Adhilda, Adhilde, Adhildia, Audhildia.



Name meaning: generous, noble.

First mention: circa 7th century.

Origin: Old English.

Historical reference: Saint Aethelthryth (Audrey), princess of Kingdom of East Anglia.

Audrea name variations: Audrey, Aethelthryth, Aethelgyth, Etheldreda, Audria, Audree, Audry.



Name meaning: golden.

First mention: around 2nd century BC (as Aurelius).

Origin: Roman.

Etymology: derived from the Latin aureus (translated as golden).

Aurelia name variations: Auralia, Aurellie, Arelia, Arellia, Arellie, Aurellia.



Name meaning: dawn.

Origin: Roman.

Etymology: name derived from Latin word aurora (translated as dawn).

Historical reference: Aurora, goddess in Roman mythology.

Aurora name variations: Aurore, Aurorra, Aura, Arorra, Auroria, Aurorre.



Name meaning: cavity, pit.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old German and Old English.

Historical reference: Saint Ava, daughter of Pepin the second of Aquitaine.

Ava name variations: Avva, Avea, Avia, Awa, Avya.



Name meaning: hazelnut, filbert.

First mention: circa 13th century (as Aveline).

Origin: Old French and Old English.

Historical reference: Aveline de Forz, Countess of Aumale.

Avella name variations: Aveline, Avelina, Avela, Avelline.



Name meaning: mother.

Origin: Roman or Celtic.

Historical reference: Goddess Dea Aveta.

Aveta name variations: Avetta, Avettia, Avetia, Avette.



Name meaning: lovely, beauteous.

Origin: English and Hebrew.

Aviana name variations: Avianah, Avanna, Awiana, Avianne, Avianna.



Name meaning: new beginning.

Origin: English and French.

Note: it is also a French word for the month April.

Avril name variations: April, Avriella, Awril, Avrill, Apriella, Averill.



Name meaning: savage, brute.

First mention: around 5th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Historical reference: Alwilda, famous and notable Scandinavian female pirate, daughter of the king Siward.

Awilda name variations: Alwilda, Alvilda, Alfa, Alfhilda, Alfhild, Avilda.



Name meaning: the morning star.

Origin: Hebrew.

Ayelet name variations: Aylett, Aelett, Ayalla, Aylet, Ayeletta, Ayeleta, Aieletta, Ayletta.



Name meaning: moonlight, related to moon.

Origin: Turkish.

Ayla name variations: Ayllin, Aileen, Ayilin, Aila, Aili, Ajla, Aylia, Ayleen, Aylen.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean noble.

First mention: around 10th century (as Azelin).

Origin: Italian.

Historical reference: Azelin, Bishop of Hildesheim.

Azelina name variations: Azel, Athel, Aezela, Azelina, Azelinah, Asseline, Asselinne, Azalinne, Ayzell, Aizelline, Ayzella, Aizella, Azelin (masculine form).


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