Unusual Female Names

Unique Girl Names Starting with H

Rare female names starting with H

A list of uncommon, beautiful, and unique girl names starting with the letter H (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 28, 2022.



Name meaning: heather.

Origin: Old English.

Hadley name variations: Hadlia, Hadlinne, Hadly, Hedley.



Name meaning: summer.

Origin: Old Welsh.

Historical reference: Hafren, British princess.

Hafren name variations: Hafrenna, Hefren, Habren.



Name meaning: consecrated.

Origin: English.

Halsey name variations: Helsey, Halsinne, Helsinne, Hailsey, Halzey.



Name meaning: from a rocky hill.

Origin: Old English.

Harlow name variations: Harlowe, Harlove, Harlouee.



Name meaning: ruler of the house, hearth keeper.

First mention: circa 17th century (as Henrietta).

Origin: Germanic.

Etymology: name derived from the Germanic heim (translated as home) and ric (translated as power and ruler).

Historical reference: Henrietta Maria, English, Scottish, and Irish Queen.

Harriet name variations: Henriette, Hattie, Hetty, Hennie, Harrie.



Name meaning: hazelnut.

Origin: Old English.

Hazel name variations: Hazelline, Hazelina, Hezelline, Hazell, Hazelle.



Name meaning: warrior, war.

Origin: Old Norse.

Hedda name variations: Heddana, Edda, Heda, Heida.



Name meaning: noble, honorable.

First mention: circa 10th century (as Adelheid).

Origin: Old German.

Heidi name variations: Heidina, Eidi, Heida, Heidy, Haidee.



Name meaning: blessed, holy.

First mention: circa 8th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Etymology: name derived from Old Norse heilagr (translated as holy and the sacred one).

Helga name variations: Helgie, Olga, Helgi.



Name meaning: universal.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: early 9th century.

Historical reference: Hemma, Queen Consort of East Francia.

Hemma name variations: Heminne, Heminna, Emma, Herma.



Name meaning: exceedingly, fiercely.

Origin: Old English.

First mention: around 7th century.

Historical reference: Hereswith, Northumbrian Saint.

Hereswithe name variations: Hereswyda, Ereswith, Ereswitha, Erreswita, Ereswita, Hereswita, Hereswida.



Name meaning: messenger, interpreter.

First mention: circa 13th century BC.

Origin: Greek and Roman.

Reference: Hermione, daughter of Menelaus and Helen of Troy.

Hermione name variations: Germiona, Herminna, Hermionee, Hermiona.



Name meaning: sunshine.

Origin: Welsh.

Heulwen name variations: Helwinne, Heulven, Heuleen.



Name meaning: battlefield.

Origin: Old Norse or Old German.

First mention: circa 9th century.

Historical reference: Hildegard, daughter of Louis the German.

Hildegard name variations: Ildegarda, Hilde, Ildegard, Ildegart, Hildie, Hildegarda, Hilld, Hillde, Hilldee, Hilda.



Name meaning: woodland, sylvan.

First mention: circa 14th century.

Origin: Old Dutch and Old English.

Holland name variations: Holandia, Hollanda, Hollana, Holanna, Holand, Hollinda, Holindia, Holly.



Name meaning: gardener.

First mention: around 18th century.

Origin: French and Latin.

Historical reference: Hortense de Beauharnais, Queen Consort of Holland.

Hortense name variations: Hortensia, Ortense, Hortensse, Hortensie, Ortensia.


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