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Unusual Girl Names Starting with P

Exotic female names starting with P

A list of gorgeous, rare, and unusual girl names starting with the letter P (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Name meaning: serenity.

First mention: circa 20th century.

Country of origin: Spain.

Pacifica name variations: Pacifia, Pasifica, Pacify.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: peaceful.

History behind: name derived from Latin word palumbus (translated as dove, as a symbol of peace).

Paloma name variations: Palona, Palome, Palloma.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: gifted, talented.

Pandora name variations: Pandoria, Pandorra, Pandorra.



Origin: Roman.

Meaning: small.

Paola name variations: Paula, Paolla, Paulla.



Name meaning: fairy like, fabled.

Years of origin: circa 4th century BC.

Origin: Persian.

Etymology: derived from ancient Persian name Parysatis. Parisa can also be derived from the Ancient Greek male name Paris (13th century BC).

Parisa name variations: Pareisa, Parissa.



Years of origin: circa 1st century.

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: little.

Historical reference: Paulina the Elder, mother of Hadrian.

Paulina name variations: Pauline, Paulette, Polina.



Origin: Irish and English.

Meaning: flower.

Pavetta name variations: Pavetia, Pavett, Paveta.



First mention: circa 18th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: fighter, battler.

Payton name variations: Peighton, Paytona, Peytonna, Peyton.



Name meaning: faithfulness, loyalty, adherence.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Penelope, Queen of Ithaca in Odyssey poem.

Penelope name variations: Lopia, Penelopia, Lopa, Penelopa.



Origin: Polish and Greek.

Meaning: loving.

Philipa name variations: Philipia, Fillippa, Filippa.



Name meaning: lover of mankind.

Origin: Greek.

Phillane name variations: Fillane, Philana, Philline.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: enlightened one, light.

Reference: Photine of Samaria, the Samaritan woman who encountered Christ at Jacob well.

Photine name variations: Photinia, Fotine, Fotinia, Photina, Photinne.



Name meaning: open, overall, hospitable.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Polyxena, daughter of King Priam of Troy. But the most famous person with this name is Polyxena, Queen Consort of Sardinia (18th century).

Polyxena name variations: Polixena, Pollyxena, Olyxena, Polixenia, Polyxenia.



Name meaning: little flower.

Years of origin: circa 18th century.

Origin: English.

Posie name variations: Poesie, Posy, Possie.



Name meaning: ancient, old.

First mention: circa 1st century (as Priscilla).

Origin: Roman.

Etymology: name derived from Latin priscus (translated as old).

Historical reference: Priscilla, Christian missionary.

Priela name variations: Priella, Priscila, Priscila, Prisca, Preila.



Years of origin: circa 16th century.

Origin: Scottish.

Meaning: first rose.

Historical reference: Scottish Clan Primrose.

Primrose name variations: Primarosa, Primerose, Prim, Primm, Rose.



Origin: Old French.

Meaning: guarantee, promise.

History behind: derived from Old French promesse (translated as guarantee).

Promese name variations: Promise, Prommese, Promesse, Promis.



Origin: Sanskrit.

Meaning: darling, cute, beloved.

Priya name variations: Priyenne, Prienne, Prie, Priia, Pria.


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