Unusual Female Names

Unusual Girl Names Beginning with B

Old Female Names Starting with B

A list of strong, rare, and unusual girl names beginning with the letter B.

Last updated: March 15, 2022.



Name meaning: brave warrior, bold in battle.

Origin: Old English.

Earliest mention of the name: around 7th century.

Historical reference: Bealdhild, Queen of Neustria and Burgundy.

Bauthilde name variations: Balthild, Batilda, Bathilde.



Years of origin: circa 4th century (as Beatrix).

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: voyager.

Reference: siblings Faustin and Beatrix.

Beatrice name variations: Beitris, Beatrix, Beatriz, Beatrisa, Beatrixa.



Country of origin: France.

Meaning: glorious, beauteous.

Beau name variations: Boe, Bea, Beea.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old French.

Meaning: beautiful.

Belle name variations: Bella, Bellia, Beilla, Isabelle.



Name meaning: bear.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 12th century.

Historical reference: Berengaria, Queen consort of Castile and Leon.

Berengaria name variations: Beringarie, Berengaria, Beringarie, Beringy, Berenguela, Berengar (male form).



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: as strong as a bear.

Bernadette name variations: Bernadetta, Bernie, Bernada, Bernardine, Bernadine, Bernadinne, Bernadina, Bernaba.



Name meaning: as strong as a bear.

Origin: Old English.

Bernice name variations: Bernisa, Bernicia, Bernece, Bernie, Bernielle.



Name meaning: shining, sparkling, bright.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 8th century (as Bertrada), circa 6th century (as Bertha).

References: Bertrada of Laon, Frankish Queen Consort, and Saint Bertha, Queen of Kent.

Bertrada name variations: Bertha, Berhta, Berthrada.



Name meaning: light and moon.

Origin: Greek.

Bessaia name variations: Besseya, Besai, Esai.



Origin: Hebrew and Old English.

Meaning: house of figs.

Bethany name variations: Betheny, Bethania, Bethenna, Beth.



Name meaning: courageous, brave.

Origin: Germanic.

First mention: circa 7th century.

Historical reference: Beuve, Abbess of Montfaucon, daughter of a King Sigebert.

Beuve name variations: Bove, Beuva, Bova.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: meadow, related to nature.

Beverly name variations: Beverlia, Bev, Beverlee, Beverley.



Years of origin: circa 12th century (as Blanche).

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: bright, light.

Reference: Blanche of Castile, Queen of France.

Bianca name variations: Bianka, Blanche, Bianche, Blanca.



Name meaning: bear.

Origin: Old Norse.

Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Biarni name variations: Bearny, Bearnia, Bjornia, Bearnee.



Years of origin: circa 15th century.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: plain.

History behind: name derived from the Scottish Gaelic blar (translated as plain).

Blaire name variations: Blare, Blaria, Blarienn, Blairenna, Blair.



Name meaning: kernel or white cow.

Origin: Irish.

Historical reference: Boann, goddess of the River Boyne in Ireland.

Boann name variations: Boinn, Boyne, Boanne.



Name meaning: attractive.

Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Boenetta name variations: Boennetta, Bonnietta, Bonieta, Bonnieta, Bonnitte.



Origin: Scottish Gaelic.

Meaning: appealing, attractive.

Bonnie name variations: Bonie, Bonita, Bonny.



Years of origin: circa 12th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: sword, steel.

Brenda name variations: Brenta, Branda, Brandea.



Name meaning: wide ruler.

Origin: Old English.

Etymology: name derived from Old English term bretwalda (meaning wide ruler).

Brethwalda name variations: Brethwaldia, Bretwalda, Brettewalde, Brettawalde.



Name meaning: barbed, thorny.

Origin: English.

Briar name variations: Brear, Briyer, Breyer.



Name meaning: stronghold, the high one.

Origin: Old Irish.

References: Brigid (goddess in Irish mythology) and Saint Brigid of Ireland.

Bridgette name variations: Brida, Brie, Briget, Brigantia, Brig, Brigit, Brigid, Brigitte, Birgit, Bridget, Bridgit.



Country of origin: Germany.

Meaning: water, aqua, related to the ocean.

Brooke name variations: Brooks, Brook, Brookie.



Years of origin: circa 6th century.

Origin: Celtic.

Meaning: powerful, forceful.

History behind: feminine version of the name Brian.

Bryana name variations: Bryanna, Brianne, Briana, Bryanne, Bri.



Origin: American and Hebrew.

Meaning: God is my oath.

History behind: it is a pet form of name Elizabeth.

Buffy name variations: Buffie, Elizabeth, Buffia.


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