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Unusual Girl Names Beginning with T

Exotic Female Names Starting with T

We have created for you a list of unique and unusual girl names beginning with T (with history of origin and meanings). We hope this list will be useful to you.

Last updated: March 21, 2022.



Name meaning: defender.

Origin: Spanish.

First mention: late 11th century.

Historical reference: Talesa of Aragon, Aragonese regent.

Talesa name variations: Talisa, Talusa, Tallesa, Tallisa, Taleze, Taleza, Teleza.



Name meaning: glorious, beautiful.

Origin: Old Irish or Old Welsh.

Historical reference: Tailtiu, goddess from Irish mythology.

Talti name variations: Tailtiu, Tailtin, Tailte, Talty, Tailltiu.



Years of origin: circa 1st century (as Thomas).

Origin of the name: Hebrew or Greek.

Meaning: twin.

Reference: Saint Thomas the Apostle.

Tammy name variations: Tamma, Tami, Tamie.



Years of origin: circa 3rd century.

Origin: Roman.

Meaning: saint, faith.

Reference: Saint Tatiana of Rome.

Tatiana name variations: Tatianne, Tatianna, Tatyana, Tatjana.



Country of origin: Japan.

Meaning: young.

Taya name variations: Teia, Teya, Taia.



Name meaning: of the gods.

Origin: Georgian.

Teona name variations: Theona, Teonna, Teana, Teanna, Theanna, Teoan (male form).



Name meaning: summer.

First mention: circa 5th century BC (as Teres) or 4th century (as Therasia).

Origin: Greek.

History behind: derived from Greek theros (translated as summer).

References: Teres the first (Odrysian King) and Therasia of Nola (Christian aristocrat).

Teresa name variations: Tess, Tereza, Theresa.



Origin: Polish and Greek.

Meaning: light and moon.

Tesseya name variations: Theia, Thia, Tea, Thea, Teseia, Teseya.



Years of origin: circa 4th century.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: blooming, flourishing.

History behind: derived from the Greek thallein (translated as to flourish or to bloom).

Thalia name variations: Thalila, Taliah, Talya.



Country of origin: Africa.

Meaning: beloved.

Thandie name variations: Tandie, Thandiwe, Tandy.



Origin: English and Greek.

Meaning: volition, willpower.

Thelma name variations: Thelema, Thela, Thena.



Name meaning: gift of God.

Origin: Greek and Frankish.

Earliest mention of the name: circa 9th century.

Historical reference: Theodrate, Queen Consort of France.

Theodrate name variations: Theodrata, Teodratha, Theodrate, Teodratte, Theodratte.



Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: thunder.

Thora name variations: Thorvi, Thyra, Tyra.



Origin of the name: Latin.

Meaning: follower of Christ.

History behind: it is a short form of the name Christina.

Tiana name variations: Tianna, Tiania, Tianah.



Years of origin: unknown.

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: Earth.

Tierra name variations: Tiera, Tierre, Tierrea.



Years of origin: circa 1st century BC (as Theophanes).

Country of origin: Greece.

Meaning: vision of God.

Reference: Theophanes of Mytilene.

Tiffany name variations: Theophania, Tiffani, Tiffanie.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old English.

Meaning: defense, protection.

History behind: name derived from Old English tynan (translated as guard).

Tinley name variations: Tenley, Tinsley, Tinly.



Origin of the name: Old English.

Meaning: champion, winner.

Torrey name variations: Torie, Torry, Tori.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: thunder.

Torvi name variations: Torvie, Torvy, Torvia, Torvey.



Name meaning: shine, light.

Origin: Greek.

Toula name variations: Teula, Toulla, Teilla, Toilla, Foulla, Foula, Tula.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: three, a triad.

History behind: name derived from Latin word trinitas (translated as three or a triad).

Trinity name variations: Trinn, Trinnity, Trinny.



Name meaning: sea.

Origin: Greek.

Historical reference: Tritea, daughter of Triton in Greek mythology.

Tritea name variations: Trithea, Trittea, Tritta, Thritea, Thrithea, Tritha, Triton (male form).



Years of origin: circa 7th century (as Gertrude).

Origin of the name: Old German.

Meaning: strength, fortress.

History behind: it is a short form of name Gertrude.

Reference: Saint Gertrude of Hamage.

Trudy name variations: Truda, Gertruda, Trudi, Trudie.



Origin of the name: Greek.

Meaning: graceful.

Reference: Tyana (Tuwanuwa), ancient city in Cappadocia.

Tyanna name variations: Tuwana, Tuvanna, Tyana, Tianna, Tiana.


Thanks for reading. We hope this list of exotic and unusual girl names beginning with the letter T was helpful to you. On our resource you can also find many other elegant and rare names.

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