Unusual Female Names

Unique Girl Names Starting with S

Beautiful and Unique Female Names Starting with S

We have created for you a list of sweet, rare, and unique girl names starting with the letter S (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 16, 2022.



Years of origin: circa 2nd century.

Origin: Brittonic and Latin.

Meaning: patience, sufferance.

Sabrina name variations: Sabine, Sabina, Severn, Sabrinna, Sabrinne.



Origin: English and Hebrew.

Meaning: princess.

History behind: it is a nickname for the name Sarah.

Sadie name variations: Sadia, Saddy, Saddie, Sady.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: wise, sage.

Saige name variations: Saig, Saigge, Sage.



Name meaning: peaceful.

Origin: Polish and Ukrainian.

First mention: late 12th century.

Historical references: Salomea of Halych and Salomea of Poland.

Salomea name variations: Solomiya, Solomea, Salomia.



Country of origin: Ireland.

Meaning: freedom.

Saoirse name variations: Saoirsa, Saoirsia, Surshe.



Name meaning: ermine.

Origin: Hungarian.

First mention: circa 10th century.

Historical reference: Sarolt, Grand Princess of the Hungarians.

Sarolt name variations: Sarolot, Sarolta, Sarolda, Saralot, Saralotte, Sarolotta.



Origin: Spanish and English.

Meaning: herbal, grassy, tropical.

Savannah name variations: Savana, Savanna, Vannah.



Name meaning: sea battle.

Origin: Old English.

Earliest mention of the name: around 7th century.

Etymology: derived from Old English sae (translated as sea) and werre (translated as battle or conflict).

Historical reference: Saewara, wife of Anna of East Anglia.

Sawara name variations: Savara, Savarah, Seavara, Seawara, Seawerra, Seawerre, Saewerra, Saewerre, Sawarah. Sawarra, Savarra.



Name meaning: light as air.

Origin: Hebrew and Spanish.

Searia name variations: Searra, Searu, Seara.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: vivid, bright.

History behind: name derived from the Greek word selas (translated as brightness).

Reference: Selene, goddess of the Moon in Greek Mythology.

Selene name variations: Selenia, Selenette, Selinda, Selindie, Selindine, Selinne, Selania, Selenna, Selena, Sellene.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: uncertain.

Meaning: peaceful or point of view.

Reference: Mai Selma, Duguwa king.

Selma name variations: Sellma, Selima, Selmia, Salma.



Origin: Latin.

Meaning: peaceful, tranquil.

History behind: derived from Latin word serenus (translated as peaceful and tranquil).

Serena name variations: Serenne, Serenna, Sirena, Serene.



Years of origin: circa 16th century (as Chantal).

Country of origin: France.

Meaning: related to music, singing.

Reference: Jane Frances de Chantal.

Shantel name variations: Shantella, Chantelle, Chantalle.



Origin: Irish or Hebrew.

Meaning: bounty, present, gift.

Shay name variations: Shea, Shai, Shay.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Irish.

Meaning: heavenly or feminine.

Sheila name variations: Sheilla, Shelagh, Sheelagh, Sherry, Sheira, Heila, Heilla, Shaelah, Caelia.



Origin: Irish.

Meaning: wise.

Reference: Sionainn, goddess in Irish mythology.

Note: name can also be derived from the Old Irish sen (translated as ancient).

Shennen name variations: Shannon, Shanon, Shenen.



Origin: Old Norse.

Meaning: victorious.

History behind: derived from the Old Norse sigr (translated as victory).

Sia name variations: Sie, Sigra, Siia, Seia.



Name meaning: divine counsel.

Origin: Greek.

Years of origin: circa 5th century BC (as Sibyl).

Reference: Sibyls, oracles in Ancient Greece.

Sibylla name variations: Saebilla, Saebylla, Sibila, Sybilla, Sibyla, Sibilla.



First mention: circa 17th century.

Country of origin: Italy.

Meaning: orange red, burnt orange (color).

Sienna name variations: Seina, Sienne, Siena.



Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: jagged, mountain range.

Sierra name variations: Siera, Ciera, Sierre.



First mention: circa 18th century.

Country of origin: France.

Meaning: conqueror.

Sigourney name variations: Sigournie, Sigournay, Sigournee.



Years of origin: circa 16th century BC (as Simeon).

Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: God had heard.

Reference: Simeon, son of Jacob.

Simone name variations: Simona, Simonna, Simmona.



Name meaning: blind.

Origin: Scandinavian and Roman.

Years of origin: circa 2nd century (as Cecilia).

History behind: it is a Norse variant of the name Cecilia.

Etymology: name derived from Latin caecus (translated as blind or eyeless).

Reference: Saint Cecilia, Roman martyr.

Sissel name variations: Sessilia, Cecillia, Sisell.



Name meaning: obscurity, darkness.

Origin: Old Norse.

Reference: Skade, goddess in Norse mythology.

Skade name variations: Skadi, Kade, Skathi.



Years of origin: circa 17th century.

Origin: Dutch.

Meaning: erudite, savant.

Skylar name variations: Skyla, Skyler, Skyllar.



Years of origin: circa 17th century.

Country of origin: Ireland.

Meaning: fighter, raider.

Reference: Hans Sloane, Irish physician.

Sloane name variations: Sloanna, Sloan, Sloanne.



Origin: Greek.

Meaning: wise, profound.

Sophia name variations: Sofi, Sofie, Sofya, Sophie.



Name meaning: star.

Origin: Gaelic.

Stiorra name variations: Stiora, Steora, Steorra, Stirra, Steirra.



Years of origin: circa 6th century (as Silvia).

Origin: French and Latin.

Meaning: spirit of the wood.

Reference: Saint Silvia, mother of Pope Gregory the first.

Sylvie name variations: Sylvia, Silvie, Silvia.



Name meaning: uncertain, may mean lilly.

Origin: Hungarian and Greek.

First mention: circa 11th century.

Historical reference: Synadene, Queen consort of Hungary.

Synadene name variations: Syndene, Syndenna, Synadena, Sinaden, Szunadene.


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