Unusual Male Names

Unusual Male Names Beginning with X

Uncommon male names starting with X

A list of exotic and unusual male names beginning with the letter X (with history of origin and meanings).

Last updated: March 15, 2022.



Years of origin: around 13th century BC (as Alexandros or Alexander).

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: defender, protector.

Xander name variations: Xandros, Xanderos, Alexander, Alex.



Years of origin: circa 15th century.

Country of origin: Italy.

Meaning: golden.

Reference: Francesco Xanto Avelli, Italian ceramicist.

Xanto name variations: Xantius, Zantius, Zanto.



Country of origin: Ireland.

Meaning: fire, fiery.

Xayden name variations: Xaeden, Xaiden, Aeden.



Years of origin: circa 5th century BC.

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: guest, stranger.

Xenos name variations: Xeno, Xenoz, Xens, Xenz.



Years of origin: circa 16th century.

Origin: Spanish.

Meaning: new home.

Reference: Saint Francis Xavier.

Xzavier name variations: Havier, Xavier, Zavier.


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