Unusual Male Names

Unusual Male Names Starting with Z

Unusual Male Names Starting with Z

A list of beautiful, strong, and unusual male names starting with the letter Z (with history of origin and meanings).



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: God has remembered.

Zachary name variations: Zakariya, Zechariah, Zach, Zack.



Years of origin: circa 19th century.

Country of origin: Africa.

Meaning: the river that swallows all rivers.

Zaire name variations: Zairen, Zayren, Zyaire.



Years of origin: circa 13th century BC (as Alexandros or Alexander).

Origin: Greek.

Meaning: defender, protector.

History behind: name derived from alexein (translated as to defend) and andros (translated as man or warrior).

Zander name variations: Zandros, Zandro, Xandros, Alexandros, Xander, Alexander.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: gift from God or sword of a God (as Zaine).

Zane name variations: Zayne, Zain, Zayn, Zayin.



Years of origin: circa 11th century.

Origin: Old French.

Meaning: tailor, fashioner.

Note: often used as a female name and may refer to gender neutral names.

Zaylor name variations: Zayler, Taylor, Zailor.



Name meaning: head of family.

Origin: Slavic and Polish.

Years of origin: circa 13th century.

Reference: Siemowit the first of Masovia.

Ziemowit name variations: Zimwit, Siemowit, Ziemek.



Years of origin: circa 9th century.

Origin: Old German.

Meaning: victorious.

History behind: it is a short form of the name Zigmund (or Sigmund).

Ziggy name variations: Zigmund.



Origin: Hebrew.

Meaning: highest point.

Zion name variations: Zieon, Sion, Tzion.



Years of origin: circa 10th century.

Origin: Hungarian.

Meaning: sultan, king.

Zoltan name variations: Soltan, Zolten, Zolltan, Zolton.


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